How To Choose A Stepper Driver

- Feb 28, 2019-

How to choose a stepper driver

Stepper motor manufacturers have stepper motor drivers that are fully compatible with their products. All the stepper motors you buy are best bought with the matching stepper drive.In addition, according to our experience in producing stepper system products for many years, the following points are available for reference:

First, product positioning. If the performance requirements of the whole equipment are very high, and the customer has high requirements on the brand, then some big brands in the world are selected, and some Chinese manufacturers can also. If the customer is completely pursuing price, then try to use a better drive, Shenzhen ECON Technology production of stepper drive is suitable for the pursuit of high quality and economic price customers. The motor can be selected randomly, after all, the manufacturers of motors on the market are almost the same.

Second, determine the load. Calculate the approximate torque requirements according to different transmission modes and load conditions, and consider the factors such as speed, inertia, installation size, and accuracy to select the appropriate motor.

Third, select the appropriate driver according to the motor current requirements and power requirements. For details, consult the stepper drive manufacturer.

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