How To Choose The Right Switch Power Supply For The Stepper Drive

- Jul 18, 2018-

How to choose the right switch power supply for the stepper drive?

How to choose the right power supply for the stepper  driver? We give the following advice: Select the supply voltage value 10%-50% higher than the maximum required voltage. This percentage is due to Kt, Ke, and the voltage drop within the system varies. The current value of the driver should be sufficient to deliver the energy required for the application. Remember that the output voltage of the driver is different from the supply voltage, so the stepper motor driver output the current is also different from the input current. To determine the proper supply current, all power requirements for this application need to be calculated, plus an additional 5%. Calculate according to the I=P/V formula to get the required current value.

Based on the principle of stepper motor, the power supply power is more enough and better. In practical applications, users often require the power to be as small as possible because of the cost of production. The power is too low,first of all, it is easy to cause the motor output torque to be insufficient or even lost step, and secondly, it is easy to damage the stepper drive or even the switching power supply. Specific power selection and user system requirements and system configuration related. We recommend that users choose a power supply with stable power supply when select the power supply. The performance of the stepper motor controller and stepper motor will be much smaller and can be maximized.the performance of the stepping motor.

Switching power supply is a most important part of stepper system,when users use stepping drive and stepper motor,a power source is a neccessary.

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