How To Detect Step Lost Of Stepping Motor

- Jul 17, 2018-

How to detect step lost of stepping motor

To confirm if the stepper motor is out of step, we can test it as follows.

 The general motor is three-phase six-shot, five-phase ten-shot. The three-phase six-shot controller has three LEDs, and the five-phase ten-shot has five LEDs.

Three-phase: three sets of windings of the stepper motor, that is, three lead. Six beats: Three LEDs, cycled twice to return to the starting state.

Each of the three LED lights of the three phases flashes one step, and the stepping motor is stepped by 0.1 wire. The rotation is two turns of 0.6 wire.

Generally, the stepping motor is out of step, and one or two phases are missing, that is to say, one of the lead is broken (as for the problem is stepper motor or controller,need to check).

At this time, we make the stepper motor perform in a single step, that is, each step advances with 0.1 wire. Every step we take a hand to shake the motor to see if it is locked. If any LED is bright,when the motor is not locked, there is a problem with which lead. You can check the connection with this line.

Turn off all power, disassemble the interface that the machine is connected to the controller, find out the three lines, and find out which 24V power line. Turn the multimeter to the electrical block and put the three with the 24V line.

Under normal conditions, there should be a resistance of about 8.5 ohms, and some motor resistors have a size. In any case, if the resistance is wrong with the other ones, there may be a problem with that line.

If the results of the motor test are correct, we should use the same method to detect the controller.

If the result of the test is a problem with the motor, follow the line you detected to detect the motor. If it is lucky, the line is broken, we can pick it up. If  unlucky, have to change the stepping motor.

If it is a controller problem, we can  go up along the detected line,then can know.

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