How To Improve The Using Life-span Of Servo Motor

- Jul 17, 2018-

How to improve the using life-span of servo motor

The servo motor has a fast response speed. In the point-to-point fast positioning motion, the advanced servo control technology provides a large torque output, which makes the system have a very high dynamic response, which greatly exceeds the transmission.

The system stepping system limits. So how do we improve the using life-span of the servo motor?

First, make good use of the vibration-proof washer to protect the servo motor. When installing the servo motor, do not over-tighten it, causing the vibration-proof washer to deform.

Second, should pay attention to check the servo motor bearing heat, oil leakage and other phenomena, according to the provisions of the fuel, to ensure that its temperature rise does not exceed the rated value.

Third, do not arbitrarily change the power supply voltage, for example, the receiver uses 4.8V, do not use 6.0V to improve the performance of the servo motor to avoid excessive load on the servo motor, according to the nature of the work and the swing arm

The length determines the size of the torque.

Fourth, clean the servo motor regularly, pay special attention not to get water, dust and other debris into the motor.

Fifth.Install, start, and brake the motor according to the standard. When the servo motor is in normal operation, ensure that the power supply quality is within the allowable range.

Sixth. When the servo motor is running, it will encounter many unexpected situations and should take operational protection measures.

Seventh. When replacing the servo motor gear, the user must use ceramic-based lubricants, and do not use mineral-based lubricants to avoid deterioration of the plastic gears and easy breakage.

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