How To Judge The Noise Source Of Stepper Motor

- Jul 18, 2018-

How to judge the noise source of stepper motor

The noise of the stepper motor is unavoidable, but its use conditions and control methods can be controlled to relatively reduce the noise. There are two main aspects to the generation of motor noise: intrinsic noise and resonance.

Inherent noise: The mutual contact of mechanical structures during the rotation of the motor. It is impossible to eliminate, but the noise can be reduced to some extent by some methods. Adjust the load or drive current to avoid noise caused by motor out-of-step (jump) due to excessive load (too small); use subdivision drive to make the change of motor current as close as possible to the cosine curve, reduce by fluctuations in output torque caused by current changes, causing some noise;

Noise caused by resonance: Since the motor has a certain resonance area, it is used in this speed range, which will cause the motor to resonate and generate noise. Therefore, noise caused by resonance should be avoided the motor operates near the resonance zone; when the motor accelerates from the lower resonance zone, it should accelerate as quickly as possible, away from the resonance zone, and reduce noise.

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