How To Know A Stepper Drive

- Sep 02, 2016-

How to know a stepper drive

In driving system,there are stepper system and servo system.Most conditions,mechnical engineer 

think of stepper system,as it is simple to use and very economic.Stepper system consist of stepper 

motor and stepper drive.Engineer choose stepper drive based on the confirmed stepper motor.But if 

you are a distributor,do you know how to arrange your stock? According to selling record,and 

discuss with customers,many machines use 57 and 86 stepper motor,then for drive,it is 4.2A and 7.2A,

if ECON's drive,it is DH542 and DH860.

What is a stepper drive?

Take ECON's stepper drive for an example,most drive's appearance look like attached image,small&light

Let's see its internal structure,simple,only one board in,right?

After get the impression of the stepper drive structure. Then we study its function

What is the main function of a stepper drive?

Professional defination:it is an actuator that transform electric pluse to angular displacement.

So how to finish the transformation?

From the connectors image,we can see that it has input&out signals.When stepper drive receive pulse

signal from control system,then it will drive stepper motor to rotate an angle as setted.To get accurate loaction,users can control pulse number to control angular displacement quantity,and 

control pulse frequency to control stepper motor's speed and accleration.

What is subdivision for?

Simple to say,subdivision is to change motor's step angle to improve motor's performance,accurancy 

and smoothness,but it is nothing to do with motor,this function is made by stepper drive to control

motor's phase current.When need to change step angle,use subdivision function.When you use ECON's 

DH542 with motor QL57HD76,then how to set the subdivision? 

Stepper drive is more simple than servo drive,no need tuning,save much time. But due to its limits,

some machines still need to use servo system. 

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