How To Lubricate The Planetary Reducer

- Jun 03, 2020-

How to lubricate the planetary reducer?

Planetary reducers are maintenance-free, and the grease inside usually does not require maintenance. The matters needing attention for the replacement of planetary gear reducer oil are as follows:

1. After 300 to 400 hours of oil change of the reducer, the lubricant should be changed, and then the lubricant should be changed every 1500 to 2000 hours. In the harsh working environment, temperature, and dust, the lubricant should be checked every half month, and the lubricant should be cleaned to replace the lubricant to keep the lubricant clean and extend the life of the reducer,improve economic efficiency.

2. When changing the oil, wait for the reducer to cool without danger of burning, but still keep it warm, because the viscosity of the oil increases after cooling and it is difficult to drain the oil. The output rotation direction is the same as the input rotation direction. The series is irrelevant. Both deceleration and speed-increasing gearboxes can be called reducers (reducers or gearboxes). Reducers are divided into first, second, and third stages according to the number of decelerations. Two-stage planetary reducer means that the reducer has two speed reductions Increased speed), and the two sets of planets contain two sun gears, two planetary carriers, two internal ring gears, two sets of planetary gears (3 or 4 each set) to see the series. Planetary level is about 97~98%, parallel axis level is about 98~99.5%. The efficiency of planetary gear reducers is not necessarily higher than that of parallel gear reducers, mainly because planets can be small.

Then the analysis of the factors causing the return error of the accuracy of the planetary reducer is as follows:

1. Assembly error: The errors that occur when assembling the various components of the planetary reducer mainly include the installation errors between the shaft and the bearing, the gear and the shaft, and the box body. Points to consider during the installation process.

Second, the inherent error: the primary origin of the gear return error is the error from the gear machining process. Gear tooth thickness, tooth width, tooth shape, etc., such processing errors can not be prevented, only to minimize this error.

3. Errors of other environmental physical factors: During the operation of the planetary reducer, errors due to the rise of temperature and the elastic deformation of the body itself can be prevented by adopting relevant methods.

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