How To Reduce Switching Power Supply Ripple

- Sep 04, 2017-

How to reduce switching power supply ripple?

1.Energy storage inductance.The Q value under operating frequency of energy sotrage inductance,the bigger the better,but many people only pay attention to the amount of inductance, in fact, the impact of Q value is much greater, as long as the amount of inductance meeting requirements,is allowed to fluctuate in a wide range.

2.Filter capacitor.ESR and ESL of filter capacitor are two very important parameters,the lower the better, only to pursue capacity is far from enough.Of course, after meet low ESR and ESL,big capacity is better.Filter capacitor of switching power supply is preferably a combination of X7R or X5R capacitors and tantalum electrolytic, and the ripple is slightly relaxed with a Y5V capacitor and a thin, high-appearance aluminum electrolytic (low ESL).

3. PCB design. Switching power supply PCB design is very important.If the first two conditions are met,but ripple parameters less than the value specified in the manual, the problem can certainly be out on the PCB.Switching power supply chip sampling and filter circuit design is very particular, PCB distribution parameters will lead to adjustment error or filter efficiency deterioration, serious may even lead to self-excited (usually in a specific load intensity occurs), it had to check.The principle is the sampling loop and filter circuit try to close to the switching power supply IC, PCB alignment can not be too long, too thin, similar to the energy storage inductance, but the impact is slightly smaller, layout、 alignment is equivalent to reduce the inductance of the Q value.Shenzhen ECON Technology Co,.Ltd power supply has rich experience R&D team,so we can handle PCB design perfectly.

Finally, as the switching power supply IC internal circuit design different lead to different ripple indicators, at most cases, the high switching frequency is easy to get a lower ripple, but the price and the requirements of the external components is relatively higher, So according to the need for a reasonable choice,enough for requirement is ok, or have to pay unnecessary costs.It is necessary to read manual and understand before design a power supply.Shenzhen ECON Technology will recommend the suitable power supply for customers when they use our steppers.   


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