How To Select A Stepper Drive?

- Jun 13, 2016-

How to select a stepper drive?


Subtract: Stepper drive,to be the core component of stepper system,it deserves engineer to spend time to selecta it.There are several manufacturers in market. So how to select the best one? From two aspects,product and cost.


Product factors

1. It is the basic requirement,engineer should know stepper drive’s working mode

There are three basic driving modes for stepper motor: full step, half step & micro step. The main difference is the control precision of current of motor coil (i.e. excitation mode)

1.1 Full Step Driving

Under full step working, one stepper motor can be worked with full/half stepper or micro-step drive, but work out different effect. According to pulse/direction instruction,Stepper drive excite 2 phase stepper motor’s two coil in cycles (i.e. charging the coils to set current).With this driving mode, each pulse will make the motor run a step angle, it is the. 1.8°(the standard 2 phase motor runs at 200 step angle per circulation ).

1.2 Half Step Driving

Under single-phase excitation, motor rotation shaft stop at full step position,after drive receive next pulse, the rotate axis will run half step and stop at the middle of two full step position if excite another phase and keep it in excitation status one by one. Keeping exciting the two-phase winding with uni-phase and bi-phase repeatedly, the stepper motor will rotate at 0.90° per pulse in half step mode.

1.3 Micro-step Driving

The micro-step drive has two advantages:tiny vibration in low speed and higher precision position.The micro-step drive is widely used in low speed working (i.e. the rotate shaft work at speed less than 60 rpm), or the position precision under 0.9°. Its principle is to separately control the precision current of motor 's two coils by sine and cosine step, thereby make one step angle divided by several micro stepping. Take an example,a 16 resolution step mode can make the stepper motor with standard 200 step/rev. to achieve the running precision at 200*16=3200 step/rev. (i.e. 0.1125”). 

2.When select a stepper drive,can be followed below selection principle

2.1 Drive 's current:

current is used to estimate the driver 's capacity and it is one of the most important parameter to select a drive. Usually the drive 's MAX current should be a little larger than the nominal motor current, normally stepper drive current vary from 2.0A, 3.5A, 6.0A, 8.0A and so on.

2.2Drive 's power supply voltage:

Power supply voltage is the criteria to estimate a drive 's capability of speed ascending. General, the voltage vary from 24VDC, 40VDC, 80VDC, 110VAC and etc.

2.3Drive 's subdivision:

Subdivision is the key factor to control precision, by enlarging subdivision, the precision can be improved. Furthermore, higher subdivision can make stepper motor run more stably. Usually stepper motor vibrate at low frequency, however the vibration can be minimized by increasing the resolution, thereby make the motor running smoothly.

Product Cost

Stepper drive is not expensive,it is easy for users to find much cheaper supplier in market.Generally speaking,when buy a product,price is not the only factor to think.Stepper drive as the industrial product,need to consider its lifespan,technical support and using stability.Product’s stability reduce your trouble,lifespan reduce your cost,in-time technical support make you happy.Also,flexible delivery will help to save your time and cost. Total in a word,when select a product,it also means that choose a partner,take all into consideration will be better. 

ECON stepper drive

1.ECON apply for the 32 bit DSP control technology,which make our stepper drive more intelligent,more humanized.When search stepper drive,most manufactures mark that they apply for DSP technology,but there are difference too.Some use the original chip,some do not. ECON promise,we use the original one,which guarantee product’s reliability

2.ECON supply different digital micro-step drive,customer’s demand is our service target.

3.ECON not only can supply high-quality product with competitive price,also can offer flexible service.

For further product information,please review our:

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