How To Solve Stepper Motor Interference Problem

- Nov 02, 2017-

How to Solve Stepper Motor Interference Problem

In many cases,since the stepper motor current and voltage is high,such as some stepper motor maximum output current is 8A,voltage 325V,using aluminum alloy shell for magnetic shielding,so cause interference for highly sensitive receiver system,make it is unable to work,and interfere power supply,especially at high frequencies,may cause the control system's microcontroller and the host computer can not normal communicate,serious even cause single-chip crash, bring so many difficulties for normal use,so interference problems must be solved.

1,Install power filters to reduce the pollution of the AC power.

2,"one point connect ground" principle. Connect the power supply filter ground cable,the drive PE (ground) (the drive to 

the chassis insulating plate),the control pulse PULSE- and the direction pulse DIR- short connection lead cable,and the 

motor ground cable,the drive and the motor cable protective cover,drive shielded wires all are connected to the grounding

posts on the chassis wall and require good contact.

3,as far as possible to increase the distance of control cable and the power cable (L, N), the motor drive cable(U, V, W) 

to avoid cross.For example,when we are handling a two-axis drive system with two drive mounting positions in the 

same chassis,one drive nameplate is facing forward and the other is facing back and lead wire are made as short as possible.

4,use shielded cable to reduce the interference from outside to itself,or their own (power line) interfer to outside world.

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