Hybrid Servo Applied For PCB Automatic Labeling Machine

- Apr 14, 2018-

Hybrid servo/ stepper servo(closed loop stepper) applied for PCB automatic labeling machine



Automatic PCB labeling machine

The automatic labeling machine is a device that can attach a rolled paper label to a PCB, a product, or a specified package. The back of the label is self-adhesive and regularly arranged on the glossy bottom paper. The label stripping mechanism on the labeling machine can automatically peel it off. Fully automatic labeling machine can complete PCB surface paste, paste on the original price surface on the PCB, paste on other planes, paste on one or more sides of the package, paste on the cylinder surface, partially or fully covered cylinder paste, paste on the concave and corner parts, etc. With various operations, the SMT industry is now generally used as a substitute for labor.


The automatic labeling machine will position the PCB or product flowing in the previous stage on the assembly line, and confirm its coordinates in a visual way. After the automatic labeling machine sucks the tip, the label is attached to the label On the product according to the internal algorithm of the machine.


The solution from ECON technology

The hybrid servo(stepper servo ) or call it closed loop stepper main applied for Z axis and R rotation axis .TC42 series motor for Z axis and R axis

ECON technology hybrid servo/ stepper servo(closed loop stepper) drive parameters are simple to set up, and can maintain the best effect in the entire range without cumbersome adjustment. After reaching the ideal target position, the motor has no position fluctuation and high precision, which is very suitable for labeling applications. The precision of the open-loop stepper motor is determined by the step angle of the motor body, so the accuracy is relatively low. The ECON technology hybrid servo/ stepper servo(closed loop stepper) system uses a high-precision encoder with an accuracy of 1000 pulses/revolution. Moreover, as the speed rises, the torque drops rapidly, which can easily cause the motor to lose synchronization and cause the equipment to malfunction or fail to meet the system operation requirements. hybrid servo/ stepper servo(closed loop stepper) system adopts a semi-closed-loop motor design, which can detect motor out-of-step in time, generate alarm notifications, and detect equipment failures in time.

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