Hybrid Servo Drive And Motor Use On Grooving Machine

- Sep 18, 2017-

Hybrid Servo System Use On Grooving Machine

The grooving machine is a kind of wood processing machine. Simply place the workpiece in the specified position, press the start button,the device will use pneumatic tools to fix the workpiece,then start processing the workpiece.Processing,the side chisel and drill down together,drill turn,drill round hole,square chisel cut round hole into a square.A hole is processed within 3s,due to use step servo system,space which is between pole and pole position can get a high degree of consistency .The traditional grooving machine manually adjust space which between the hole and hole position,each time drill a hole,need to manually adjust once.It is not only increase labor of workers,also the accuracy is difficult to guarantee. The use of closed loop stepper system,save labor,safe and reliable,saving manpower and material resources, reduce costs and improve the competitiveness of enterprises.

Use details:

Man-machine session layer: touch screen

Configuration: switching power supply 48V, 10A

Control layer: PLC

Driver layer: ECON TS series closed loop stepper drive (economical) TS808D

Execution layer:ECON closed loop stepper motor TC86-85

Installation location and role: Our hybrid servo system mainly acts on the X-axis movement,the motor drive the pulley slide for back and forth movement,the main role is with the Y-axis drill. Slide stroke about 1000mm. The slide weighs about 4Kg.

ECON step servo motor system use details: drive pulse type set to single pulse + direction,micro-step is 1000.The operating state of the motor in the system as follows: initial is 1000Rpm homing, followed by repeatable position mode, slide operate at 3s /30mm until the workpiece is finished.

Selection Practice:the workpiece for the processing is wood materials,and wood has a certain flexibility,accuracy requirement is not high, so choose the 1000PPR encoder motor.And using function requirements is also very simple, in addition to pulse+direction,need alarm output,recommend customers use the TS series of drives,based on cost consideration.



ECON hybrid servo system parameters are simple to set,no cumbersome adjustment can be maintained in the full range of the best effect,to achieve the desired target position, the motor without position fluctuations.If need to adjust parameters,our easy servo system have serial port and ProTurner software to change through PC.Through the actual test of ECON closed loop system,customers use our products on all of their grooving machine. 

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