Hybrid Servo Motor Hybrid Servo Motor Based On A Comprehensive Independent Intellectual Property Rights

- May 10, 2017-

Hybrid Servo Motor Hybrid servo motor to a comprehensive independent intellectual property rights as the basis, to provide customers with universal and customized sports control products, industry systems programs and services, and customers, win-win situation.

     Hybrid Servo Motor When the concept of motion control has not yet generally accepted by the public, just the birth of the four-way motor development center independent research and development of high-performance hybrid stepper motor and subdivision drive products to enter the market, the product with excellent performance quickly spread; Mixed servo motor, adhering to the professional and technological innovation, focusing on creating the field of motion control precision control of motor and drive the core products, four-way motor continued rapid growth for the Chinese sports control one of the leading enterprises. In 2002, the four-way motor company and Beijing and Lee when the system engineering company, the company completely maintained the four-way motor team of outstanding team and the continuity of the direction, at the same time, all transferred to the company when the company over the years Control and communications research and development achievements in the field, continue to adhere to the leading technology, follow the guidance of the market and create brand value of the business philosophy, which won a stable and stable development space.

      Hybrid Servo Motor The company has independently developed stepper motor and drive, brushless DC motor and drive, hybrid servo motor AC servo motor and drive three series of core products (more than 100 kinds of drives, nearly 500 kinds of motor) has occupied a considerable share of the domestic market, part Products have been exported to Europe and the United States. With the motion control motor drive new technology research and development and accumulation of experience, and when the motor with the introduction of customer demand for a variety of industry-specific control system integration solutions: digital wound cable dedicated control system, plus machine ATTpw advanced winding control System, multi-degree of freedom of network control system, MDBOX dynamic platform integrated controller and low-voltage servo products, including a number of products to fill the gaps in the industry to provide more professional services to customers, give full play to the company's technological advantages and guide the market Complete equipment innovation.

     Products are widely used in robots, dynamic platform, VR equipment, textile, mechanical processing, laser, sculpture, printing, medical, packaging, military, electronics, pharmaceutical, finance and other industries.

     Hybrid Servo Motor The company to technological innovation as the driving force, attention to R & D team construction and sustained and stable capital investment: the company directly involved in research and development personnel accounted for 40% of the total number of companies, a number of professors level experts, doctorate or master's degrees, The vast majority of motor, power electronics, automatic control and mechanical and electrical integration professionals; the company's annual investment in new products accounted for the company's annual sales of 10% of the company's annual sales of 10% % Or more, to ensure the continuous improvement of technology and the introduction of new products speed.

      Hybrid Servo Motor Mixed servo motor company has more than 50 core technology patents, a variety of products by the Beijing Municipal Association of Science and Technology Progress Award and outstanding product award; won the military material supplier qualification, and become a number of domestic and foreign related technology associations and standards And is one of the major drafting units of hybrid stepping motor, brushless DC motor and open CNC system GB. The company has undertaken many major national project plans: 2014, the Beijing Science and Technology Commission, the dynamic entertainment platform movement Control system research and development and application projects in 2009 the company assumed the national major project "high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment" in the "all-digital AC servo and spindle drive and its motor" sub-topics; 2007 high-speed large-capacity industrial Ethernet Bus technology research project by the national 863 project support; 2005 rudder brushless servo motor drive control system by the National Defense Science and Technology Commission "Eleventh Five-Year" development project support; mixed servo motor 2004 for textile machinery CNC wire Machine servo motor special control device by the Ministry of Science and Technology of small and medium-sized enterprises Technology Innovation Fund Project Support.

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