Hybrid Servo System Application On Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

- Oct 07, 2017-

Hybrid servo system use on unmanned aerial vehicle

Device Introduction

The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is a UAV system that combines unmanned aerial vehicles and tethered integrated cables.The unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) transmit electrical energy through the integrated cable to make the UAVs free from power constraints and stay for a long time on air,its structure size,production materials can be flexible designed according to the needs,and strong mobility performance.According to the application of different scenarios, tethered UAV system is divided into ground fixed,car mobile and carrier-based mobile,three working way good meet the needs of a variety work environment.


Using details

Man-machine session layer: none

Configuration: switching power supply 48V, 10A

Control layer: PLC

Drive layer: ECON TS series economic hybrid servo drive TS808D

Execution layer:ECON easy servo motor TC60-30

Installation location and role:step servo system mainly on the UAV line collection system,the structure is the motor add reducer to drive the closing lineclosed loop stepper motor system use details: drive pulse type set to single pulse + direction,micro-step is 1000 pulses / circle.The operating state of the motor in the system as follows: The motor running,start and speed is determined by the state of the line



Selection practice:due to external environmental impact,as well as process requirements,in the process of taking the line not only ask speed, but also ensure that the motor has a locking force. The initial stage of the project is to use open-loop stepper system,can achieve the requirements of the lock force when stop,but the speed of the automatic collection of the line can not meet requirements.Also considered the use of servo drives, but due to the impact of external winds led to unmanned aerial drive coil, and ultimately lead to servo drive out of step and alarm, can not meet the requirements.Final customer select step servo motor system, not only in speed and locking force meet the requirements, but also in the case of motor out of step without alarm. Customized to meet customer requirements.ECON step servo system parameters set simple, no cumbersome adjustment can be maintained in the full range of the best results,after achieve the desired target position, the motor without position fluctuations.

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