Industrial Robot:you Need A Servo Or Stepper

- Sep 12, 2016-

Nowadays,robot attract countless eyeball.Almost the world is crazy for robot.In China,we clarify robot to two categories:Industrial 

Robot and Special Robot,like international robot expert set to manufacturing environment industrial robot and non-manufacturing 

environment service&humanoid robot.Currently,not only industrial robot is developing fast,also service and humanoid robot technology 

is more and more mature.Since ECON is a company that relate to industrial automation,then this article talk about industrial robot,

and focus on its driving unit.

Structure of a industrial robot

Normally,the typical structure of industrial robot consist of 4 major components:the manipulator,the end effector,the power supply 

and control system. See below image

The manipulator is a mechanical unit that provides motion similar to those of a human arm.It often has a shoulder joint,an elbow and 

a wrist.It can rotate or slide,stretch out and withdraw in very possible direction with certain flexibility.

The end effector attaches itself to the end of the robot wrist,also called end-of-arm tooling.

The power supply is the actuator for moving the robot arm,controlling the joints and operating the end effector.The basic type of 

power sources include electrical,pneumatic and hydraulic.Each soruce of energy and each type of motor has its own features,advantages 

and limitations.An AC-powered motor or DC-powered motor may be used depending on the system design and applications.These

 motors convert electrical energy into mechanical energy to power the robot.Most robots use electrical power supply.So robot has 

close relation with our servo motor or stepper motor or hybrid servo motor.

The control system is the communications and information-processing system that gives commands for the movements of the robot.

Driving Unit

There are three main driving device:Pneumatic driving device,hydraulic driving device,and electrical driving device.

The driving unit selection,is based on robot operation requirements,like working speed,max weight workpiece,driving power,stablity,

accuracy.Also,need to consider accerlation under max load.

Here we introduce electrical driving unit in details.


a)power is simple,

b)speed range is wide

c)high efficiency

d)small rotation inertia

e)high accurancy on speed&location.


a)DC servo motor driving(includes linear motor):brush and brushless

b)AC servo motor driving-----ECON ac servo motor is stable and large range choice,also it's very economic.AC servo motor has 

big watto,without brush,high efficiency,and easy to maintenance

c)Stepper motor servo driving----ECON also has stepper motor and closed loop stepper.Large range for choosing,and good quality

.It is very good for low accurancy and low power robot.

d)Torque motor

e)Steering engine driving


Robot is a very special type of production tool.As a result,the applicatons of robot are widely.The applications can be grouped into

three categories:material processing,material handling,and assembly.

Material processing,robots use tools to process the raw material.For example,robot tools could include a drill and the robot would 

be alble to perform drilling operations on raw material.

Material handling consists of the loading,unloading,and transferring of workpieces in manufacturing facilities.These operations can be 

performed relatively and repeatedly with robots,then improving quality and scrap losses.

Assembly is another large application area for using robot.An automatic assembly system can incorporate automatic testing,robot 

automation and mechanical handling for reducing labor costs,increasing output and eliminating manual handling concerns.

ECON is not a company that make industrial robot,but we engage in providing a part for it,to keep its perfect working condition. 

ECON is not the one that stand in number one of robot driving unit,but we promise our driving unit do not cause problem for the 

robot.We will share the cases.

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