Integrated Stepping Servo/closed Loop Stepper Motor For Peristaltic Pump

- May 04, 2018-

Integrated stepping servo/closed loop stepper motor for Peristaltic pump


Peristaltic pump description

1, The peristaltic pump's fluid control is like using a finger to squeeze a fluid-filled hose. As the finger slides forward, a negative pressure is created in the tube to move the fluid forward. The principle of peristaltic pump operation is equivalent to the replacement of a finger with a roller. The fluid is pumped by alternately squeezing and releasing the hose in a peristaltic pump.

2, peristaltic pump consists of three parts: drive, pump head and hose. The peristaltic pump drive mainly uses the stepper motor/stepping motor and brushless servo motor as the driving and positioning components, among which the stepper motor/stepping motor is mainly based on nema17 and nema23 motors; the control system uses a single-chip microcomputer for custom development, and the RS-485 communication and pulse are generally used. Drive positioning.

3. The peristaltic pump allows the hose between the two rollers to form a "pillow" fluid. The volume of the "pillow" depends on the inner diameter of the pump tube and the geometry of the rotor. The fluid flow rate is determined by the rotational speed of the pump head, the size of the "pillow" and the number of "pillows" generated by one revolution of the motor. The size of the "pillow" and the number of pillows produced by one revolution of the motor are generally constant, so fluid flow can be controlled with considerable precision by controlling the rotational speed of the pump head.

According to the operation and use of peristaltic pumps, the types of peristaltic pumps are divided into:

1, speed-regulated peristaltic pump: with a peristaltic pump basic control functions, display speed, start and stop, direction, speed adjustment, fill emptying, power down memory, external control input and other functions.

2, flow-type peristaltic pump: In addition to basic functions, increased flow display, flow correction, communications and other functions.

3. Peristaltic Pumps: In addition to the basic control functions, the functions of flow rate display, flow rate correction, communication, liquid volume distribution, suck back, and output control have been added.

4, customized (OEM) peristaltic pump: With a series of peristaltic pump heads with different flow ranges, customers can design different peristaltic pump drive circuits for use according to the needs of their own equipment.


IC series integrated stepping servo/closed-loop motor applications

1:Accurate control of fluid flow is the most important performance indicator for peristaltic pumps. Because the peristaltic pump system consists of three parts: the driver, the pump head and the hose, and the driver is composed of two parts: the motor and the roller, so the peristaltic pump requires the Stepping servo motor to run more smoothly and the sound vibration is smaller (the motor is 0-300 r/min. There is no resonance point in the interval). The IC series is an integrated closed-loop stepper motor /integrated stepping servo motor that uses advanced power angle technology to control and the motor current control is more accurate. Therefore, IC series products are more stable than the open loop stepping products in the market, and the motor runs more smoothly, generates less heating and noise

2, The peristaltic pump's volume is very small, generally 300mmx300mmx215mm, so it has very strict requirements on the size and temperature of the motor. IC series integrated stepping servo motor/ integrated closed-loop stepper motor add encoder and drive circuit modules to the rear cover of the motor body 42mm and 57mm. The thickness of the module is controlled within 23mm. Therefore, the integration of the motor and the drive greatly reduces the volume and improves the space utilization of the peristaltic pump. Rate; IC series of products through the power angle control and encoder position real-time feedback to adjust the motor's operating current, it can greatly reduce the motor's heat, improve motor efficiency.

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