Introduction To Motion Control Card

- Dec 09, 2015-

Movement control card is based on PC bus, using high performance microprocessor (as DSP) and the mass can programming devices achieved multiple servo motor of more axis coordination control of a high performance of step into/servo motor movement control card, including pulse output, and pulse count, and digital entered, and digital output, and D/A output, function, it can issued continuous of, and high frequency of pulse series, through change issued pulse of frequency to control motor of speed, change issued pulse of number to control motor of location, Its pulse output modes include pulse, pulse/pulse/direction mode. Pulse Count can be used in the encoder position feedback, provides accurate location of the machine, produced in the process of correcting transmission errors. Digital input/output switching points can be used to limit, the origin, and so on. Library functions including the s-type and t-type acceleration, linear interpolation and circular interpolation, such as multi-axis functions. Products are widely used in the field of industrial automation and control needs precise positioning, fixed-length and position control system of NC based on PC control system. Is the realization of motion control integrated with the underlying hardware and software, so that it has required for servo motor control speed and position control function, these functions can easily by computers called. Motion control card company United States of the GALIL and the PMAC, United Kingdom green Europe, Taiwan Taiwan reach, AdLINK, Advantech, city, Institute of control, de Lesseps, googol, invasive, as XING.

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