Mexico Customer Take Our 2Nm,110mm Frame Size Servo Motor System

- Nov 06, 2017-

  Mexico Customer Take the 2Nm 600W 110 Flange Servo Control System

Daniel is an engineer from Mexico,he has rich experience on CNC machine retrofit,repairing.As far as I know,he is good at EDM machine,lathe machine,milling machine,punching machine and grinding machine.Before we establish relationship,he purchase servo motor and servo drive for the CNC machines.Two year ago,our company promote hybrid servo control system(closed loop stepper motor control system),our sale recommend easy servo for him,and he installed on his lathe machine for presentation.This order he took servo motor control system for his customer's machine.

Servo motor:EC-110M060DC,600w,2Nm,3000RPM

Servo Drive:ECON-GA3210B,220V,4.5A.

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