Motor's Stator And Rotor

- Oct 23, 2017-

Stator and Rotor of Motor

General motor mainly consists of two parts: fixed part called the stator,the rotation part called the rotor.There are also end caps,fans,enclosures,chassis,junction boxes and so on.

The role of the stator is used to generate magnetic fields and mechanical support for the motor.The stator of the motor consists of stator core,stator winding and base.The stator winding is embedded in the stator core,and the induced electromotive force is generated by the current to realize the electric energy conversion.The role of the base is mainly fixed and support the stator core.When the motor is running,the heat generated by the internal loss transmit to the base through the core,and the surface of the base is distributed to the surrounding air.In order to increase the heat dissipation area,general design motor base outer surface as the heat sheet shape.

目录(最后).jpgThe rotor of the motor consists of a rotor core,a rotor winding and a rotating shaft.The rotor core is also part of the motor's magnetic circuit.The role of the rotor winding is induced electromotive force,through the current and produce electromagnetic torque.The shaft is the main component that supports the weight of the rotor,the transmission torque,and output mechanical power.

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