Notes For Easy Servo Drive Using

- Aug 13, 2016-

Notes For Easy Servo Drive Using

Notes For Easy Servo Drive Using

When buy a easy servo drive,everybody knows it is important to know how to use,but someone will ignore its notice,like daily 

maintenance and wiring.This article take those notices to give a separately description of ECON's hybrid servo drive.

About Wiring:

1.When connect cables to ECON's hybrid servo drive,as it works in close-loop mode, user needs to know the actual motor 

position,can get the information from the encoder that mounted on the motor. Please keep in mind that the easy servo drive can

 not work without encoder feedback.

2.The motor power cable should connect correctly ,or else ,the motor can not work.If do not clear of this,ask ECON's technical 

engineer to get motor wiring's information

About easy servo drive Using

1.In order to improve anti-interference performance of the system, it is recommended to use twisted pair shield cable.

2.To prevent noise incurred in PUL/DIR signal, pulse/direction signal wires and motor wires should not be tied up together. 

It is better to separate them by at least 10 cm, otherwise the disturbing signals generated by motor will easily disturb pulse 

direction signals, causing motor position error, system instability or other failures.

3.If a power supply serves several drives, separately connecting the drives is recommended instead of daisy-chaining.

4.It is prohibited to pull and plug power connector while the drive is powered ON, because there is high current flowing 

through motor coils (even when motor is at standstill). Pulling or plugging power connector with power on will cause extremely 

high back-EMF voltage surge, which may damage the drive.

About Maintenance:

Although the easy servo driver does not require daily maintenance and inspection, it is advisable to clean it and check for loose 

screws periodically.Overhaul the driver in the same way as the motor.

Inspection Item                                 Period              Inspection Details                                               Evaluation

Sound and Vibration check               Daily                Widen the motor rotating range as much as          No change is found under daily inspection.

                                                                                 possible when the motor is checked audibly 

                                                                                 and by touching.

Insulation Resistance Measurement     Once a year    Separate the coupling from the driver, then          If it is more than 10 , it is OK. If it is less

                                                                                 measure the insulation resistance between           than 10 , consult Compumotor

                                                                                 the coil terminal and stator housing with an


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