Notes For Servo Driver Connection

- Sep 16, 2017-

      Notes for Servo Drive Cable Connection

8 precautions of servo drive ground wiring are as following:

① The correct shield ground wiring,is located at the reference electric point inside its circuit, which depends on the noise source and the reception whether ground at the same time,or float.

② Make sure that the shield is grounded at the same point so that the ground current does not flow through the shield.

③ to avoid a variety of ways to connect the earth to produce ground loop is susceptible to noise,then  generate current at different reference points.

④ In the case where there is no isolation between the AC power supply and the driver DC bus,can not connect the non-isolated port of the DC bus or non-isolated signal to the ground,it will lead to equipment damage and personal injury and so on.

⑤ Avoid the servo drive connected to the external power supply, will directly affect the controller and servo drive work.

⑥ Exchange public voltage is not for the earth,between the DC bus and the earth may have very high voltage, prohibit straight connect

to ground.

⑦ in the servo system, the public and the earth must be connected at the signal side.

⑧ In order to keep the command reference voltage constant, the signal ground of the servo driver is connected to the signal ground of the controller.

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