Notes For Servo Motor Replace Stepper Motor

- Sep 11, 2017-

 Notes for Servo Motor replace stepper motor

In the specific application, when the terminal load is stable、action is simple、 almost low speed operation, low cost and easy to control stepper motor is most appropriate to select; but when the terminal load fluctuation range is large、action is simple、 almost low speed operation,if choose a stepper motor, will face a series of troubles, because the use of square wave driven stepper motor is difficult to eliminate vibration and noise, and torque fluctuations will cause step-lost or overshoot. In fact, when the terminal load fluctuation range is large, even if almost low-speed operation state, should also use the servo motor,as taking into account the efficiency improvement factors, energy-saving factors, improve the control accuracy factors, system stability and other factors, you will find the choice of higher price of the servo motor but reduce the overall cost.When you have trouble with motors selection,do not hesistate to ask Shenzhen ECON Technology's engineers. We will provide professional service,and exquisite products for you.Below we 

summarize some tips for selection of servo motor.

Precaustion of servo motor to replace stepper motor 

1, in order to ensure the control system do not change, should use general digital servo system, can still use the original pulse control mode.ECON has G series general servo drive,and work very well with Chinese brand servo motor;

2, due to the servo motor strong overload capacity,can refer to original stepper motor rated output torque of 1/3 to determine the rated torque of the servo motor;

3, because the rated speed of the servo motor is much higher than the stepper motor, it is best to add reducer, make the servo motor work close to the rated speed.This can also choose a smaller power motor to reduce costs.

The current performance of the servo motor tends to step evolution:

1, small size and high efficiency: the use of the latest permanent magnet materials and optimize the motor design, make the smaller motor produce a lot of torque. The same type of motor with a different drive match, the maximum output torque is different; the same size motor with different winding form,different magnetic poles counts, the output power is not the same;

2, the impact of torque: the maximum torque can reach several times the rated torque;

3, the use of high-performance magnetic materials, high energy products;

4, the motor and the drive can be equipped with a temperature monitor. We have stepper motor, stepper motor driver, brushless motor, brushless motor driver.

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