Power Supply For Stepping Drive/stepper Drive /stepping Servo

- Apr 16, 2018-

Power supply for stepping drive/stepper drive /stepping servo


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Why does the stepper drive and stepping servo are recommended to use linear DC power ,but not use a switching power supply?

Nowadays, due to the popularity of switching power supplies and the standard 24VDC voltage output from switching power supplies, most of the electrical components in the electrical cabinet use 24VDC, so when powering stepping drive/stepper drive /stepping servo products, engineers often use switching power supplies directly. Actually, This is not suitable for high torque stepper motors stepping servo motors and can affect the high speed of the motor and the stability of the motor output torque.

Shallow understanding, first of all, the switching power supply is a constant voltage source, its most important purpose is to ensure that the voltage is stable, it is better to sacrifice current but also to ensure voltage stability; and linear power is a constant current source, its most important purpose is to ensure that the current is enough to supply, but the stepping drive/closed loop stepper drive/stepping servo drive is a constant current drive. Based on the above theory, a small torque stepping motor /stepping servo motor whose size is less than nema17 can use a switching power supply and the stepping motor /stepping servo motor whose size is over than nema23 still preferably use a linear DC power supply to ensure the strong and stable output torque at high speed of the stepper motor more importantly.


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