Romania Customer Buy The RS485 Integrated BLDC Servo And Integrated Hybrid Servo

- Mar 19, 2018-

Romania Customer buy the RS485 integrated BLDC servo and integrated hybrid servo

Integrated products save cost and installation space for customers.Now ECON Technology has RS485 integrated BLDC servo(nema23 size),integrated hybrid servo(nema23) and integrated open loop stepper(nema17 and nema23).Now we are developing EtherCAT integrated hybrid servo.This customer is going to test our integrated products on a single vertical axis vending machine.

Product:RS485 Integrated BLDC servo with 1:4 ratio gearbox

        Integrated hybrid servo 

Model No.: IV57-18(200W BLDC servo motor)

           IC57-22(2.2Nm closed loop stepper motor)

           PX-4(1:4 ratio plantery gearbox)

In this order,we install the gearbox on the integrated BLDC servo to save customer time and avoid to lost small screws during transport.Below are product pictures.

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