RS485 Stepper Driver/hybrid Servo Driver Communication Application Guide

- May 23, 2018-

RS485 Stepper Driver/hybrid servo driver Communication Application Guide


In the use of RS485 stepper driver/closed loop stepper drive to communicate successfully with the host computer must meet the following conditions:

1 Correct connection of communication cable

2 The Band Rate of the communication protocol must be consistent

3 The communication address should be the same (RS485 address selection on the drive)

4 Data format must be correct

Example 1 RS485 communication with RS485 stepper drive to rotate 1000 rpm

To run the motor, here are at least three instructions need to be sent

First: to set the RS-485 function to be valid (only when the 485 function is enabled can control the motor speed, forward, reverse, brake, enable), the driver defaults to 485 function is invalid, and it will not be powered off. , must be set to RS485 for every power-up (do not repeat settings after power-on setting);

Second: to set the brushless motor speed 1000 rev / min. Note: All data is sent in hexadecimal. When a brushless motor is required to run at 1000 rpm, it is necessary to convert the decimal 1000 into a hexadecimal 1000 (3E8) and send it again.

Supplementary explanation: When the set speed and the actual speed do not match,

1 Check the power supply, if the 48V motor is powered by 24V power, then the speed will not reach the maximum speed

2 Check whether the number of magnetic pole pairs set by the driver is the same as the number of magnetic poles of the motor.

The third, send instruction to run the motor forward

Supplementary explanation: Three instructions can't be delayed at the same time ,but about 30ms!

Example 2 Reading Drive Current and Voltage Using 485

RS485 read data does not need to make 485 function effective,but can read and write the actual current and voltage instruction of RS485 stepper driver/closed loop driver directly. Note: Whether it is reading data or writing data RS485 is a frame-by-frame transmission, that is to say if you want to read more than one piece of data can not be read at the same time, there must be a delay of about 30ms. First send the read current command delay 30ms and then send the read voltage command!

Because data communication can not send decimal point, the received data are all in integer form, the current received data is divided by 100 is the actual current value, the voltage is divided by 10; the received data is hexadecimal, many of the upper computer Automatically converted to decimal, if not need to convert yourself!

Supplementary explanation: Set the current protection time to be multiplied by 10 to send, for example to set to 1S, then to send 10; 2S to send 20 to receive the corresponding divided by 10!


ECON TECH’s 2 axis (2 in 1drive)RS485 drive,which can be RS485 stepper drive ,closed loop stepper drive,dc brushless servo drive.

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