Serbian Customers Test Our Closed-loop Stepping System And ModBus Closed-loop Drive

- Nov 23, 2018-

Serbian customers test our closed-loop stepping system and ModBus closed-loop drive

Alex is a buyer for a large importing company from Serbia. He builds contact with us through web search. In our initial communication, Alex’s goal was clear and directly consulted our 12Nm closed-loop stepper motor with brakes and matching drives which are long purchased in their company.At present,Alex have purchased 5 sets of 12Nm closed loop stepping systems with brakes and 2pcs closed-loop driver supporting the ModBus RS485 serial port.

Product Model No.

Hybrid servo driver: TS808D,8A,24~80VDC

Hybrid servo motor:EC86-12BK,12Nm,Nema34,1000PPR,24V brake

ModBus hybrid servo driver: RSC878,8A,15~50VDC

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