Servo Drive Model Selection 6 Key Parameters

- Nov 14, 2017-

Servo Drive Model Selection 6 Key Parameters

Servo system,is used to accurately follow or repeat a process feedback control system.Servo system makes the object's position,

direction,status,etc. output controlled power that can follow input target (or reference value) to do any changes automatic control system.Its main task is do as the command requirements to deal with power amplification,transformation and regulation,make the drive output torque, speed and position control is very flexible and convenient.

Servo drive is part of the servo system,use to control the servo motor,its role is similar to the inverter acting on the common AC motor,mainly use in high-precision positioning system.Generally through three ways control of the position,speed and torque control 

to servo motor to achieve high-precision positioning of the transmission system,is high-end products of the transmission technology of

at current.


Choose a suitable servo drive need to consider all aspects,which are mainly based on system requirements to choose before the selection,first analysis following system requirements,such as size,power supply,power,control mode,etc.,confirm the selection direction.Let's take a look at all aspects of servo drive parameters.

1. Continuous current,peak current;

2. Supply voltage,control part power supply voltage;

3. Support motor typeŃÇüfeedback type

4. Control mode,command accepting form;

5. Communication protocol

6.Digital IO

Based on this information we can roughly select the servo drive that matches the servo motor.In addition,pay attention to the working environment,temperature and humidity conditions,the installation size is appropriate.

Select the servo motor controller is not only considered to match with servo motor,but also consider the control mode.There are three kinds of servo drive control: position,speed,torque.Torque and speed can set torque by external analog input or communication command.Position mode determines the speed and length of motion by pulse frequency and number of pulses.Torque mode motor output a fixed torque,can not control the position and speed.Position mode has very strict control over speed and position,generally use for positioning device.According to the system requirements,and the type of host control,select the appropriate control mode.

Nowadays,servo drive more and more intelligent,not only supports various types of servo motor,but also compatible with many types of feedback,can receive analog,PWM,pulse + direction and software commands,communication support CANopen,Ethercat and

so on.Provides tricyclic control and commutation functions,such as intelligent one-touch tuning.Easy to use,with high control

accuracy,the servo system performance has greatly improved,save developers a lot of time.

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