Servo Motor Heating Problem Solving Method

- Sep 13, 2017-

Method to solve Servo Motor heating 

The reasons of servo motor overheats are as follows:

1) the load is too heavy;

2) missing;

3) duct obstruction;

4) low speed running time is too long;

5) power ripple wave is too large.

According to the principle of servo motor,if want to reduce the motor heat,need to reduce the copper loss and iron loss.Reduce copper loss in two directions, reduce resistance and reduce current, which requires us to select small rated current servo motor,to two-phase servo motor,if have serial connection motor,do not use parallel motor. But this always contradicts with the requirements of torque and high speed. For selected motor,should take full advantage of the drive's automatic half-flow control function and off-line function, the former when motor is static,automatic reduce current, the latter cut off the current. In addition, subdivision drive current waveform close to the sine, less harmonic, the motor will be less heat. And reduce iron loss method is not many, the voltage level has relation with iron loss, so should choose the appropriate driving voltage level,but also consider the high-speed, smooth and fever, noise and other indicators.Servo drive,servo motor,stepper drive,step servo drive.

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