Servo Motor Overheating Reasons And Solution

- Jul 20, 2018-

Servo Motor Overheating Reasons and Solution

The reasons for the servo motor overheating are as follows:

1) The load is too large;

2) missing items;

3) air duct obstruction;

4) The running time at low speed is too long;

5) The power supply is too large.

According to the principle of the servo motor, in order to reduce the heat of the motor, it is necessary to reduce copper loss and iron loss. Reducing copper loss has two directions, reducing resistance and reducing current, which requires us to choose when try to choose a motor with a smaller current. For a two-phase motor, you can use a parallel motor without a parallel motor. But this often contradicts the requirements of torque and high speed. For the selected electricity, machine should make full use of the automatic semi-flow control function and offline function of the drive. The former automatically reduces the current when the motor is static, and the latter simply cuts off the current. In addition, the subdivision driver since the current waveform is close to sinusoidal, there are fewer harmonics and less heat is generated in the motor. There are not many ways to reduce the iron loss. The voltage level is related to the iron loss, so you should choose the appropriate driving voltage level.

At the same time, we must consider high-speed, stability and heat, noise and other indicators.

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