Some Knowledge Of Stepper Motor/Stepping Motor Used In 3D Printers

- May 21, 2018-

Some knowledge of Stepper motor/Stepping motor used in 3D printers


The 3D printer is a kind of cumulative manufacturing technology, ie, a machine for rapid prototyping technology. It is a digital model file based on the use of special wax materials, powdery metal or plastic bonding materials, etc. Bonding materials to make three-dimensional objects. At this stage, three-dimensional printers are used to make products. Layer-by-layer printing techniques to construct objects.

In our common household 3D printers, stepper motor/stepping motor is a very important power component in 3D printers. which are different from ordinary AC and DC motors, are common motor power, but stepping motors/stepper motor is not, it is executed by receiving a command, there is no power motor with a glide amount, the distribution of the circle is the accuracy of the motor, the size of the step is the accuracy of the stepper motor/stepping motor, for example, the stepper motor has one week Divided into: 80 steps, 100 steps, 200 steps, 280 steps, 300 steps and so on. In a 3D printer, a stepper motor is responsible for the accuracy and interpretation of the Z axis of the machine (ie, responsible for machine layer thickness).

How do the stepper motor and the chip program control the thickness of the 3D printer? The stepper motor drives the Z axis, and the Z axis rotates the machine head to increase the layer thickness. Some brands of 3D printers use 50 stepper motors (that is, the outer diameter of the motor is 50mm), 200 steps per week, and the pitch of the Z axis is 1.75mm, so we can figure out every step of the 3D printed product. The layer height is “1.75mm÷200 steps=0.0875mm layer thickness”. The X-axis and Y-axis are also the same. This is already a hair's precision. This is an absolute precision for those who used the fake technology. However, this is not actually the end result. In our technology, we can use programming technology to further divide the stepping motor step into 20 steps. That is, 0.0875mm divided by 20 is equal to 0.004375. This figure is already lower than The molecular weight of the printed material, so it is inaccurate to determine the accuracy based on the layer later, of course, only mastering the core technology can do this.

In the 3D printer, the stability and running accuracy of the stepper motor directly affects the printing problem of the 3D printer. Understanding the knowledge of the stepper motor plays an important role in maintaining the 3D printer.


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