​Start Frequency And No-load Start Frequency Of Stepper Motor

- Jul 20, 2018-

Start Frequency and no-load Start Frequency of Stepper Motor

For the customer to raise the whistling sound when the motor is running, and the problem of starting pulse determination, two concepts are clearly defined: the starting frequency of the stepping motor and the no-load starting frequency.

The starting frequency of the stepping motor refers to the self-starting frequency to the manufacturer. Because the load is very different after the customer brings the load, the self-starting frequency refers to the fixed frequency (not the frequency).Slowly add the frequency to let the motor start, the highest frequency that the motor can start up. For example, press 120PPS first, if you can get up, press 130PPS, if you can't get up, you can try 125PPS, if you can get up, try 126PPS again, can't get up, then 125PPS is the self-starting frequency of this stepper motor. This parameter can only explain the stepper motor starting ability, with load start-up situation is more complicated and usually starts by acceleration and deceleration through programming.

The stepping motor has a technical parameter: the no-load starting frequency, that is, the pulse frequency that the stepping motor can start normally under no-load conditions. If the pulse frequency is higher than this value, the motor cannot start normally,loss or blockage may occur. In the case of load, the starting frequency should be lower. If the motor is to be rotated at a high speed, the pulse frequency should have an acceleration process, that is, the starting frequency is low, then raise to the desired high frequency at a certain acceleration (motor speed increases from low speed to high speed).

In addition to the above reasons, the whistling sound may be caused by excessive load. The output torque of the motor will decrease during high-speed operation, and the motor will be blocked when the load is not met.The sound will change with the frequency. The solution is to reduce the speed or replace the motor with higher torque. In addition, the motor will have a short whistling sound after the high speed operation stops. This is the right  phase current is caused by chopping, just set the automatic half-flow on the stepper drive panel to be valid.

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