Step Servo/closed Loop Stepping Motor/easy Servo Applied For Wire Bonder

- Apr 27, 2018-

Step servo/closed loop stepping motor/easy servo applied for wire bonder


The high-speed automatic wire bonder is a very complex photo electro mechanical integration device that integrates computer control, motion control, image processing, network communication, and multiple XY platforms. The key part of the Z-axis motor requires high response, but no punch, Low vibration, high efficiency, and the mechanical structure is synchronous belt plus rod guide way, it is a combination of high rigidity and high flexibility of transmission. One of the difficulties is that the load is light when the Z axis moves down, and the load is heavy when moving up. In order to solve this problem, an equipment manufacturer has adopted three solutions.

Stepping motor solution

Although stepper motors have the advantages of low cost and simple use, but for the high speed requirements, the vibration of the motor causes the vibration of the entire device, and the running noise of the motor is also large. The customer can accept the effect of product processing, but the customer cannot accept the noise and vibration during operation of the equipment.

AC servo motor solution

The Z-axis working mode determine the upward movement with heavy load, downward movement with light load. The fixed, single AC servo motor gain parameters certainly can not meet this situation, because the positive and reverse running is frequent, and the running distance is short, so even if The two gain switching methods also do not solve this problem. When the customer originally adopted a 200W AC servo motor from a certain brand in Taiwan, in order to satisfy the high response, the stiffness of the parameter adjustment of the AC servo motor was very strong, resulting in the coupling being fractured under high frequency motion. After switching to a 100W AC servo motor from a certain Japanese brand, the mechanical assembly of each device has a certain difference, which leads to time-consuming and laborious adjustment of the AC servo motor parameters of each device, and even the inability to find a parameter with good operation effect, even if the AC servo is used. When the motor manufacturer's curve is used as a reference for parameter adjustment, it does not help.

Stepping servo/closed loop stepping motor solution

The use of ECON technology Stepping servo/closed-loop stepper motors is as simple and easy as using a stepper motor. Operating parameters: Stepping servo/closed-loop stepper motor initial speed is 3rps, running speed is 48rps, acceleration and deceleration time is 0.05s, no-load simulation processing speed 11K/hour, actual processing speed 8.5K/hour, motor long-time working temperature is about 52 degrees. The customer fully recognizes the overall cost-effectiveness, and thinks that the Stepping servo/closed-loop stepper motor is easy to tune and has almost no requirements for technical engineer. The equipment runs without vibration and noise.

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