Step Servo/Hybrid Servo/Closed-loop Stepper System Applied For Woodworking Mortising Machine

- Apr 16, 2018-

Step servo/Hybrid servo/Closed-loop stepper System Applied for Woodworking Mortising machine


Woodworking mortising machine is a wood processing machine. Just manually place the workpiece in the designated position, press the start button, the device will use pneumatic tools to fix the workpiece, and then start processing the workpiece. During processing, the square chisel and the drill are lowered together, the drill bit rotates to drill a round hole, and the square chisel cuts the round hole to a square shape. A hole position is machined within 3s. Due to adopt the ECON technology’s stepper servo/hybrid servo/closed-loop stepper system , the space between the hole and the hole position can ensure the same height. The traditional Woodworking mortising machine is used to manually adjust the distance between the hole and the hole. Every hole drilled requires manual adjustment. This not only increases the amount of labor for workers, but also makes it difficult to ensure accuracy. Stepping servo/hybrid servo/closed-loop stepper system is labor-saving, safe and reliable, saving manpower and material resources and reducing costs




Power supply: 48V10A




Installation and function: Our Stepping servo/hybrid servo/closed-loop stepper system mainly acts on the movement of the X axis. The motor drives the screw sliding table to perform the back and forth movement. The main function is to match with the Y axis drilling. The slide travel is about 1000mm. Slide weight about 4Kg

Operating status: Initially, the machine acts homing with 1000 Rpm. After that, it is a repetitive position mode. The sliding table runs at 3s/30mm until the workpiece is processed.

Products selection: Because the material of the processing workpiece is wood, and the wood has a certain elasticity, the precision is not high, so choose the motor of the 1000-line encoder provided by our company. In addition, the functional requirements are very simple. In addition to the pulse and direction, only the alarm output is required. Therefore, we recommend that you use the TS series driver. Consider the customer and reduce the cost of the customer. And Stepping servo/hybrid servo/closed-loop stepper system can maintain the best effect in the whole range without tedious adjustment, after reaching the ideal target position, the motor has no position fluctuation

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