Stepper Common Problem Summary

- May 10, 2016-

Stepper common problem Summary

Dear Customer,

When you use ECON stepper motor,stepper drive,and easy servo,meet problems,kindly get solutions from below information.If can not get answer from here,consult our technical engineer.

One. Motor does not rotate

Reason 1,power indicator light(green) is off

Solution:check power supply circuit,make sure that the L/N polarity of power is correct,power cable connecting is fixed

Reason 2,subdivision setting is wrong

Solution:adjust subdivision setting

Reason 3,current setting is wrong

Solution:adjust current setting

Reason 4,motor release signal setting is wrong

Solution:check MF input

Reason 5,control signal drive capability is too weak or frequency is too high

Solution:improve PU signal range or lower pulse input frequency

Two.Motor rotating direction is wrong

Reason,motor wiring is wrong

Solution:2 phase motor,exchange any phase wiring(like exchange A+/A- wiring);3

phase motor,exchange any two phase wiring(like exchange U/V wiring)

Three.Motor stalling/noise/shake

Reason 1,Motor problem

Solution:change motor

Reason 2,The torque of motor is small

Solution:Replace with big torque motor

Reason 3,Motor axis and load is not coaxiality

Solution:Adjust motor and load connecting respectively location to coaxiality

Reason 4,Motor wiring is wrong

Solution:check motor wiring

Reason 5,Motor current setting does not match with drive setting

Solution:adjust drive current setting to motor rated current

Reason 6,Subdivision setting is wrong

Solution: adjust subdivision setting to correct value(generally,low setting will lead to high speed)

Reason 7,Motor operating speed is in resonance point range

Solution:Adjust motor speed to avoid physical resonance

Reason 8,Acceleration time is too short

Solution: extend accelerating time

Four.Location is inaccurate

Reason 1,Subdivision setting is wrong

Solution:adjust subdivision setting

Reason 2,Low current setting lead to step losing

Solution:adjust current setting

Reason 3,Motor and load connection is loose

Solution:check motor and load connecting,like fasten coupling

Reason 4,Signal get interference

Solution:eliminate interference,like add shield to signal input

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