Stepper Drive Using Tips

- Oct 10, 2017-

Stepper drive using tips

1.What are the specific requirements for the control system if use micro-step stepper drives?

The drive subdivision will produce a qualitative leap in the performance of the stepper motor,but all is caused by the stepper drive itself,independent of stepper motor and control system.The user only need to pay attention to the stepper motor step angle changing,which will affect the stepping signal frequency that issued by control system.

2.Stepping motor steering is opposite to the request,how to adjust?

You can change the direction of the control system level signal,you can also adjust the motor wiring to change the direction,method as follows:

For two-phase stepper motors,simply exchange to connect one of the motor cable to the drive, such as A and B to swap.

For three-phase stepper motor,it is not possible to exchange one of the phases of the motor cable, but rather to exchange 

the two phases as turn;

3. What is the automatic half-current function?

The stepper drive automatic enter to half-current when stepping pulse signal stop about 2 seconds,and stepper motor phase current is half compared with run time,in order to reduce power consumption and protect stepper motor.

4. How should I adjust the phase current of the driver?

ECON stepper drive can adjust stepper motor phase current through the DIP switch or ProTuner software,you only need to follow the instructions on manual,it can be very convenient and intuitive to adjust the motor phase current.

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