Stepper Motor Common Problem And Solving Method

- Nov 02, 2017-

Stepper Motor Common Problem And Solving Method

One.How to control the direction of stepping motor?

1.The directional signal of the control system can be changed.

2.The wiring of the motor can be adjusted to change direction.The specific methods are as follows:

   1)For bipolar stepping motors,exchange one phase motor cable to access drive,such as A+ and A- exchange.

   2)For a three-phase stepper motor,the adjacent two-phase motor cable exchange,such as: A,B,C three phases,exchange A and B

Two,the stepping motor vibration is big,the noise is very loud,what is the reason?

This situation is due to the stepping motor work in the oscillation area,the solution:

1. Change the input signal frequency CP to avoid the oscillation area.

2. Use the micro-step drive to reduce the step angle and make smooth operation.

Three.Why does the motor not operate after the motor is energized?

There are several reasons for motor non-rotation:

1. Overload stalled (at this time the motor has a whistle)

2. Whether the motor is offline

3. Whether the control system has the pulse signal to the stepping motor drive,whether there is a problem with the wiring

Four.Step motor jitter,cannot run continuously,how to do?

In this case,check whether the motor winding connect with the driver correct

Check whether the input pulse frequency is too high or not,whether the rise/down frequency design is reasonable

Five.When is using the off-line signal FREE for the hybrid stepper motor controller?

When the off-line signal FREE is low level,the electric current of the driver to motor is cut off and the motor rotor is in FREE state.In some automation devices,if the drive is constantly being charged:

By turning the motor shaft directly (manually),the FREE signal can be placed low so that the motor can be disconnected and manually operate or adjust.Manual completion,make the FREE signal high to continue automatic control.

Six.How to choose a stepping motor driver power supply?

Determine the power supply voltage of the drive,then determine the working current;Power supply current is generally determined

according to the output phase current I of the driver.If you use linear power,the power current can be as good as 1.1 ~ 1.3 times of I.If switch power is adopted,power current is generally to take the 1.5 ~ 2.0 times of I.

Seven.How to select the power supply voltage of stepping motor?

The stepper motor drive of our company is the wide pressure input and the input voltage is wide range.The power supply voltage is usually selected according to the motor's working speed and response requirements.If the motor rotation speed higher demand or response quickly,so the voltage value is high too,but pay attention to the power supply voltage ripple cannot exceed the maximum input voltage of the drive,otherwise may damage the driver.If low voltage is selected,the machine can run smoothly and low vibration.

Eight.Does micro-step of subdivision drive represents precision?

Subdivision is also called microstep,the main purpose is to reduce or eliminate the low frequency vibration of the stepping motor,and improve the operation precision of the motor is only a subsidiary function of the technology.Such as stepper angle of 1.8 a two-phase hybrid stepping motor,if subdivision driver set to 4 segementation,then the motor running resolution 0.45 for each pulse,the precision of the machine can achieve or close to 0.45 still depends on the subdivision driver segmentation precision of current control and other factors.Different manufacturers have different segmentation drive accuracy.The larger the micro-step,the more difficult to control accuracy.

Nine.Why does the torque of stepping motor decrease with the increase of speed?

When the stepping motor turns,the inductance of each phase winding of the motor will form a reverse electromotive force.The higher the frequency,the greater the reverse electromotive force.Under its action,the phase current decreases with the increase of frequency (or speed),resulting in a decrease in torque.

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