Stepper Motor Motion Control System(Stepper Drive)

- May 28, 2018-

Stepper Motor Motion Control System(Stepper Drive)

Stepper motor motion control system also called stepper drive/stepping drive, or stepper motor controller. As a kind of digital servo actuator, stepper motor has the advantages of simple structure, life-span, convenience and control, and good control performance. It is widely used in the city of CNC machine tools, robots, and automation instruments. Not only in the open-loop servo system, but also in the closed-loop and semi-closed loop service control system, the application of stepping system is more and more widely, especially in the speed control position control servo system, for example, the numerical control equipment tool Definitive positioning and positioning of the eye on the caster system. In order to realize the motion control of the stepping motor, one of the more commonly used programs is a microcontroller as the control system of the oligo processor, and the pulse output extension and the pulse output number are controlled by some large-scale integrated circuits such as 8253.8254. Stepper motor speed and position positioning. However, in this scheme, there are many peripheral components needed for the emblem processor, which has a great influence on the brightness and reliability of the systems, and also on some control-side occasions. The speed of program processing has also become a bottleneck to improve the real-time control of the system.

DSP chip,also called a digital signal processor, it is a microprocessor that is especially suitable for digital signal processing operations. DSP chip generally adopts special software and hardware structure. The program space and the data space in it are separated and can simultaneously access instructions and emblems. And it has fast interrupt handling and hardware 1/O branch, a total of multiple hardware addresses operating in a single month period Shu Shu, can perform multiple operations in parallel, on-chip soldiers have fast RAM, usually through independent teaching According to the bus at the same time in the data block. Because the DSP chip is a software-enabled device, it has the convenience and flexibility of a general-purpose microprocessor. Compared with the commonly used in industrial automation control. 1 bit microcontroller compared to. DSP chip which is more suitable for digital signal processing software and hardware resources, can be used for complex digital signal processing algorithms.


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