Stepper Motor Frequent Asking Questions

- May 08, 2018-

Stepping motor/stepper motor FAQ

How to resolve stepping motor high temperature?

First, the stepper motor is tested according to the rated current. If the temperature is too high, select a low-level current for testing until the motor surface does not exceed its temperature rise range.

If the motor is used at a high temperature, select a stepper motor that can withstand high temperatures. This will burn the motor and shorten the service life of the motor.

Excessively high temperature of the stepper motor first demagnetizes the magnetic material of the motor, resulting in a drop in torque and even loss of synchronism. Therefore, the maximum allowable temperature of the motor should depend on the demagnetization point of the magnetic material of different motors. Generally speaking, demagnetization of magnetic materials The points are all above 130 degrees Celsius, and some are even up to 200 degrees Celsius, so the external temperature of the stepper motor is completely normal at 80-90 degrees.

After reducing the current, it was found that the motor's load capacity was reduced?

If the motor load capacity is reduced, consider replacing the stepper motor/ stepper motor with higher torque, and increase the reduction gear box to increase the motor load force.

When the speed is increased , the motor lose steps

This is because the output torque of the stepper motor cannot reach the required torque. In this case, the motor should be selected according to the motor torque and frequency curve, and the gear box can be added to increase the torque of the motor. When the speed is relatively high and the required torque is relatively high, three-phase or five-phase motors must be considered to meet the speed requirements.

What to do if the position is inaccurate or step lost?

It may be due to excessive load. Unreasonable speed design may also cause such problems. First, reduce the other operating frequency, lift frequency to see if the drive motor and drive have any problems. If they are still out of step, first replace the drive, and then change the clip test. If there is still this phenomenon, you need to consider replacing the motor with higher torque.

Stepper driver/stepping drive how to control the direction of the stepper motor?

Can change direction signal of control system/plc/controller


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