Stepper Motor(stepping Motor)/Stepper Drive Main Applications

- May 24, 2018-

Stepper motor(stepping motor)/Stepper drive main Applications

As an open-loop control system, stepper motor/stepping motor(stepper drive) have an essential connection with modern digital control technology. In the current domestic digital control system is widely used.

Non-standard mechanical medical equipment, winding machine, welding machine spraying machine and ceramic printing machine, etc.; CNC machine tools, dispensers and engraving machines in three-dimensional platforms; laser cutting machines in laser equipment; and wire processing equipment Terminals and stripping machines, etc.

The following two cases:

Case I: Equipment requiring low speed: stepper motor/stepping motor(stepper drive) on dispensing machine

The dispenser mainly performs the trajectory movement of the products to be processed through the XY platform. When dispensing, the speed is relatively low, so this device has a relatively high requirement for low frequency vibration and noise of the motor. This equipment is generally used in a relatively quiet environment, while the accuracy requirements for dispensing is also relatively high, if there is a problem of processing vibration, the effect of processing will certainly be relatively poor, so our motor application on this device effect It is better.

Case 2: Equipment requiring low speed and high speed: stepper motor/stepping motor(stepping drive)engraving machine

In addition to the characteristics of low speed machining, the engraving machine should also have the characteristics of high speed machining. If a stepper motor and driver have both characteristics at the same time is particularly difficult. General motors and drives are difficult to achieve. For example, the three-phase stability will be better, but it will not be able to meet the customer's requirements.

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