Stepping Motor Abnormal Reasons Checking

- Nov 01, 2017-

Stepping Motor Abnormal Reasons Checking

Check stepper motor rotation abnormal reasons: 

1,Whether the motor torque is enough to drive the load,so we usually recommend the user to select a motor which torque is 50% ~ 100% larger than the actual need.Step motor cannot over-load running,even a moment,can create step lost,if it is serious,then a halt or irregular back and forth at place.

2,Upper controller input step pulse current whether is big enough (> 10 general ma),so that the optical coupling and stable

conduction,input frequency is too high or not,lead to receiveing failure.If the host controller output circuit is a CMOS circuit,then also should choose CMOS input type of drive.

3,Start frequency is too high or not,whether set acceleration process in the launcher.It is the best to  accelerate from the start frequency within motor regulation to the set frequency,even if the acceleration time is very short,otherwise may be unstable,even in the idle state.


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