Stepping Motor Controller Module Treatment Methods Step By Step

- Oct 26, 2017-

Stepping motor controller module treatment methods step by step

In the logic output part,according to the control requirements divided into reset、automatic and manual three logic processing module,in the logic output implementation,reset、automatic and manual through a certain priority logic,by sending the motor occupancy request multiplexing the logic Output module.

(1)Climbing Reset

The mountain reset module is used to reset the start position of the focus lens to the mountain search.After the motor controller has captured the reset signal of the instruction unit,the drive logic is generated in the predetermined running direction until the controller receives the effective feedback of signal LIMIT and stops.During the reset process,automatic and manual requests are invalid.

(2)Automatic control

The stepping motor controller step data receiving port DATA,after receiving the running steps from the command unit,first it checks whether there is another motor occupancy request,if the motor is idle,it outputs drive logic of the specified steps according to the direction of the incoming signal;otherwise ignore the automatic control request.

(3)Manual fine-tuning

Manual fine tuning as an auxiliary control means of controller,allow manual fine adjustment of the lens position. Each time do manual fine-tuning,the motor operates a fixed fine-tuning distance in accordance with the setting direction operation.The controller will read the set value of manual direction DIRECTION when it captures the manual input signal.If the current motor is idle,the drive logic of the fixed number of steps is output according to manual input direction signal ;otherwise,the manual request is invalid.

(4)Direction and limit processing

When the controller is running in manual fine adjustment or automatic control,it is necessary to prevent the focus lens crossing the boundary.Directional module receives the effective limit signal LIMIT,the direction of the output signal is inverted,control the stepper motor running in the opposite direction to achieve limit requirements.When the controller does not receive the limit signal feedback,then read the DIRECTION port direction,pass to the logic output module,use to control the drive logic conversion direction.

(5)Logic output

Logic output module built-in logic generator,the logic generator in accordance with the motor request and direction signal output drive logic.The direction signal is used to control the direction of the drive logic;the core of the automatic and manual modules is the counter,the motor request signal is the output of the step counter,so the effective time of the motor request signal indicates the number of clock cycles allowed to run the logic generator.

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