Stepper Drive Or Stepping Motor Drive System For LCD Feeder

- May 04, 2018-

Stepper drive /stepping drive system for LCD feeder

Automatic LCD tray feeders only need to put the LCD together with the tray into the equipment's loading bin, and the device will automatically place the LCD on the assembly line. Instead of the traditional way of manually placing the LCD on the assembly line, the process of feeding is self-operated, the feeding is controllable, labor saving, safe and reliable, and manpower and material resources are saved, and the cost is reduced to improve the competitiveness of the enterprise.


Products solution


Power supply:48VDC 10A

Controller: PLC



Installation position and function:

Our stepper motor system mainly acts on the X-axis movement. The motor drives the belt slide to reciprocate. The main function is to send the touch screen to the assembly line with the Y-axis and the suction nozzle. The slide travel is about 1000mm. The slide weight is about 2kg.

The drive command type is plus +direction, micro step is 1000. The maximum operating speed of the motor in the system is 1000rpm

Under the same conditions, the use of the equipment is not changed, and it can also be replaced by AC servo motor systems of the same external dimensions, which can also meet the requirements. In the actual use process, the matching system needs to adjust servo drive parameters, and the cost is relatively high. The ECON tech stepping motor system has simple parameter settings and can maintain the best effect in the entire range without cumbersome adjustments. After reaching the ideal target position, the motor has no position fluctuation.


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