Stepping Motor For Filling And Sealing Machine

- May 08, 2018-

stepping motor is applied for Filling and sealing machine

Filling and sealing machines have a wide range of applications in cosmetics, light industry (daily use chemicals), pharmaceuticals, and food industries. These industries generally choose hoses as packaging containers. The equipment can fill ointments, creams, gels, or viscous fluids inside the hoses, and then hot-melt the end of the hoses and print the code. At the same time, pruning and shaping produce finished products.

In the packaging machinery, using a stepping motor to drive the actuator not only makes the packaging machinery structure simple, easy to adjust, increases in reliability, but also greatly improves the accuracy.


Operation processing

Silo (Hose Container) → Automatic Tube Management → Localization of Labeling → Inner Cleaning of Tube (Option) → Filling → Tail Hot Melt → Pressing Sealing, Typing Code → Hose Positioning → Shearing → Finished Product Discharge.

working principle

Adopt PLC program controls automatic pipe, color code positioning, air cleaning pipe space, injection nozzle deep pipe filling, pipe wall heat heating, pipe end wall cooling (refrigerating water machine drainage cycle), hot melt pressure printing code, Tail cutting, finished product discharge. The parameters are displayed digitally.

Set the stepper motor /stepping motor speed in advance. The color standard mode is equipped with a photoelectric switch, and the photoelectric switch detects the position of the color mark. When a color mark is detected, a control switch signal is issued. After the stepping motor presses the signal, the rotation stops. After a certain time delay, the rotation is performed again and again. Accurately position according to the position of the color mark.

The characteristics of the stepper motor/ stepping motor mainly attributed to three aspects, one is the overload. Its rotation speed is not affected by the size of the load. Unlike an ordinary motor, when the load increases, the speed will drop. Therefore, the stepper motor is used in places where speed and position are strictly required. Second, the control is convenient. The stepping motor rotates in units of “steps”. The digital features are more obvious, which brings great convenience. Third, the whole machine structure is simple. The traditional mechanical speed and position control structure are more complex and difficult to adjust. After using a stepper motor stepping motor, the structure of the complete machine becomes simple and compact.


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