Stepping Motor Step Lost Detection Procedure

- Nov 03, 2017-

Stepping Motor Step Lost Detection Procedure

First explain the word step lost.General stepper motors are two kinds:three-phase six-beats and five-phase ten beats.We have noticed,three-phase six-beats controller has three LEDs,five-phase ten beats have five LEDs.

Three-phase:three sets of motor winding,also three lines.Six beats:three LEDs,cycle twice before returning to the initial state.

Three phase stepper motor the three LEDs each flashs,the stepper motor will step 0.1 wire,rotating with two turns is 0.6 wire.

GeneraStepper motor step lost miss one phase or two phases,that is to say there is a damaged line(as is the motor or the controller

damaged,need to check).At this time we let the motor step by step,that is,each step to 0.1 wire forward,every step we shake the motor by hand to see if the motor lock in.If the LED light while the motor is not in lock state,then the line has a problem,can check with all associated with this line.Start from the machine (that is,the motor in this regard).Turn off all the power,open the interface that machine connect with the controller,find out the three lines,then find out the 24V power cord.Make the multimeter to block,compare the three lines with 24V line one by one.Under normal conditions should have a about 8.5 ohms resistance,and some stepping motors resistance have size.In a word,which line the resistance is differet with the other,there may be a problem on that line.

If the motor test results are correct,you use the same method to detect the controller side.

If the test results is motor problem,check the motor along the line you have detected.If lucky,line cut off,then connect;if unlucky,have to change the motor.

If the controller has problem,also along the detected line to check.We will find out the reason.

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