The Advantages Of CANopen Bus

- Apr 03, 2018-

What are the advantages of the CANopen bus

1.Abolishing the traditional station address coding and replacing it with the communication data block coding,can work in multi-master mode;

2.Using non-destructive arbitration technology, when two nodes transmit data to the network at the same time, the node with lower priority actively stops sending data, while the node with higher priority can continue to transmit data without affecting, effectively avoiding bus conflicts; adopting short In the frame structure, the effective number of bytes per frame is 8, the data transmission time is short, the probability of interference is low, and the retransmission time is short;

3.Each frame of data has a CRC check and other error detection measures to ensure the high reliability of data transmission and is suitable for use in high interference environments.

4.In the case of serious errors, the node has the function of automatically shutting down the bus, cutting off its connection with the bus, so that other operations on the bus are not affected;

5.Point-to-point, one-to-many and broadcast centralized transmission and reception of data are possible.

6.Strong real-time, long transmission distance, strong anti-electromagnetic interference, low cost, etc.

7.The use of two-wire serial communication, strong error detection capabilities, can work in high noise interference environment;

8.With priority and arbitration functions, multiple control modules are connected to the CAN-Bus via the CAN controller to form a multi-host local network.

9.According to the ID of the message, it may decide to receive or block the message.

10.Reliable error handling and error detection mechanisms

11.After the information sent is destroyed, it can be re-issued automatically;

12.The node has the function of automatically exiting the bus in the case of a serious error;

13.The message does not include the source address or the destination address. Only the identifier is used to indicate the function information and the priority information.

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