The Difference Between Fieldbus Control System FCS And Distributed Control System DCS

- Sep 10, 2018-

The difference between fieldbus control system FCS and distributed control system DCS

The dcs should be familiar, it is the distributed control system. FCS is actually a fieldbus control system. What is FCS? FCS is fieldbus technology and fieldbus-based bus devices (eg field transmitters, actuators and other field instruments) and equipment in the control room form the control system. At the same time, FCS is based on all-digital communication, and it can be said that it is a complete scattered control system.


What is DCS? DCS is a distributed control system based on microprocessors, using technologies such as control, display, computer, and communication. Mainly decentralized control, centralized management, and production process is centrally monitored and operationally managed, and the on-site control tasks are performed by different computer controls.


What is the difference between a Fieldbus Control System (FCS) and a distributed control system?

1. The first is the structural difference. The DCS is obviously that the control room has an operation station, an engineering station, and a field control station, all of which are concentrated in the control room. And FCS happens to be the other way around, most of the control functions are handed over to the fieldbus instrument, so the rest is definitely advanced control. Then, after saying that, I can't see a large size like DCS in FCS.

The control station is out, so the I/O card is definitely reduced, so the FCS is simpler than the DCS structure, but the task of the field instrument is aggravated.

2.Wiring method. Since the DCS is basically an analog signal collected at the site, and the field instrument is a two-wire system, and then connected to the control room I / O card. FCS, it will put more than one field instruments are connected to the two buses going to the control room. It seems that there are fewer wires than DCS, the installation is simple, the cost is reduced, and the maintenance is convenient. Imagine that the two buses have problems.

The department is in a state of paralysis!

3. In terms of function, the DCS relies on the control station it establishes. It can be said that it is not completely decentralized control, but the FCS actually has its control station on the scene, so it is completely dispersed in the control function.

4. Communication methods are different. DCs have different communication protocols because of different manufacturers, so DCS cannot be interconnected. But FCS belongs to the fieldbus open internet, so it is different or they can be interconnected with networks of the same level or different vendors, and network data can be shared.

5. Safety: FCS has high reliability and small maintenance, and its performance is superior to DCS.

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