The Trend Of Servo System

- Aug 03, 2016-

The Trend of Servo System

The Trend of Servo System

Servo system,combines with servo motor,servo drive and servo cable.In recent years,servo system is widely used in CNC 

machines,Robot and other mechnical control Industrial.With the developing,servo system technology is more and more advanced,

while price is more and more cheap,which leads to vast using.

1.The developing of servo system


1.1)Electric motors came to fruition due to the invention of the battery (A. Volta, 1800), the electro magnet (W. Sturgeon, 1825) and the discovery of a magnetic field from electric current (H. C. Oersted, 1820). The first working rotating electric motor was introduced in May 1834 by Moritz Jacobi. In 1838, Jacobi reintroduced an improved and more powerful motor. However, these electric motors were large and weak compared those we use today. The early motors were single-phase, one-directional, and more expensive to operate than steam engines so the research continued. Over more than a century, motors have become more powerful due to inventors and developers throughout Europe and America, such as Volta, Joule, Siemens, Ampere, and Tesla.

1.2)Servo drive combines with three parts:power driving circuit,control circuit and control strategy based on DSP.The developing of each part,will improve the performance of servo drive.Like power circuit,most medium/small power servo drive apply for IPM power module,and big power use IGBT module.The most important is the control circuit,it forms with DSP+CPLD(FPGA) and peripheral circuits.But DSP or CUP is the core. Some lower servo controller or previous,use 16bits DSP.While to get high performance,servo drive use 32bits DSP,greatly improves servo drive.Most manufacturers of servo drive,engage in developing control algorithm,it affect controller's performance directly. The vector control algorithm is the most applied,then relative vector control.

2.Current status of servo system

2.1)Nowadays, we have the three-phase synchronous motors that are used in highly dynamic applications, 

the DC motor which is still used in devices that require less power, the AC motor, and specifically, the servo motor. 

Advances in inverters (electrical conversion systems) and drive control systems that combine inverters and motors have 

brought about technological advances that we now take for granted. Electric motors power nearly everything in our lives today.

From automobiles to home appliances to industrial devices and tools such as locomotives and table saws.

Servo motors were designed to work within a closed-loop control system. Servo motors provide precise control of position 

(angular or linear), velocity, and acceleration. These devices are seldom seen but are used by an average person daily: The sliding 

doors at the supermarket; the power windows in a car; the elevator at the office, and the ice delivery system on a refrigerator. 

Servo motors are so sophisticated that they are used in robotic manufacturing, such as those used to assemble automobiles, 

and CNC machines such as variable speed routers that carve intricate designs into wood furniture.

2.2)In order to cover the demand,servo drive subdivide to universal servo drive,high performance servo drive,low voltage servo drive 

and special for some industrial.And universal servo drive develops very well from hardware to communication,apply for 32bits DSP

 and have Profibus-DP CAN Ethercat or SERCOS BI.

Anyway,servo motor&servo drive is developing day and day,and Chinese made servo drive is better and better.

3.ECON's planning

Now,ECON mainly makes universal servo drive,it has two series,G and G2,the difference between G and G2 is BI,G2 has Can 

and Ethercat.ECON will improve the performance of current servo drive,and plan to develop the servo drive that can work with 

most brand servo motors.As intelligent is a trend,we will catch the chance to make products that special for intelligent home appliances.

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