Three Basic Drive Type Of Stepper Driver

- May 30, 2018-

Three Basic Drive type of Stepper driver(stepping driver)

Stepper driver(stepping drive or stepper motor controller)have three basic drive types. full step, half step,microstep. The main difference is the control accuracy of the motor coil current (ie, the excitation mode).


In the full-step operation, the same stepper motor(stepping motor)can be equipped with a full/half-step driver and a micro step stepper driver, but the operation effect is different. The stepper driver(stepping drive or stepper motor controller) presses the pulse/direction command to cycle the two coils of the two-phase stepper motor (ie, the coil is charged with the set current). Each pulse of this drive method will cause the motor to move a basic step angle, ie, 1.80. Degree (a standard two-phase motor has a total of 200 step angles).


In single-phase excitation, the stepper motor shaft is stopped to the full-step position. After the driver receives the next pulse, if the other phase is excited and kept in the original excitation state, the motor shaft will move half-step angle. In the middle of the adjacent two full-step positions. Such a cyclical single-phase two-phase coil and then two-phase excitation stepper motor(stepping motor) will rotate in a half-step manner of 0.90 degrees per pulse. All full/half-step drivers from Yamashiro Motors can perform full- and half-step drive selection by dialing the drive's dip switches. Compared with the full-step method, the half-step method has the advantages of high precision and low vibration at low-speed operation, so the half-step mode is generally used when the full/half-step driver is actually used.

Micro step

Micro step has two advantages: low speed vibration and high positioning accuracy. For stepping applications that sometimes require low-speed operation (ie, where the motor shaft is sometimes operated below 60 rpm) or positioning accuracy requirements less than 0.90 degrees, subdivided stepper motor drivers are widely used. The basic principle is to perform precise current control on the two coils of the motor according to sine and cosine-shaped steps, respectively, so that the distance of one step angle is divided into several subdivision steps. For example, the sixteen subdivided driving method can make 200 step stepper motor of each circle reach an operating accuracy of 200*16=3200 steps per circle (that is, 0.1125 degrees).

ECON TECH's' intelligent stepper motor controller(stepper drive or stepping drive) can effectively suppress the noise and resonance of the motor at low and middle speeds; the integrated stepping servo(closed loop stepper)motor integrates the stepper drive ,stepping motor and encoder as a whole, and the stepping servo(closed loop stepper) is perfectly integrated in the motor. Control technology revolutionizes the creation of integrated motion control terminals with new and outstanding performance; DC brushless servo motors and actuators are less noisy and less vibrating than existing products in the market due to design innovations. Longer working life advantages.


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