Using Experience Of Stepping Motor

- May 09, 2018-

Stepping motor/stepper motor --FAQ2

One.Is the pulse/revolution setting of stepper drive/stepping drive means the accuracy of motor?

stepper drive/stepping drive micro step technology is essentially an electronic damping technology, its main purpose is to reduce or eliminate the low frequency vibration stepper motor, improve the motor's running accuracy is only an additional function of the subdivision technology. For example, for a two-phase hybrid stepper motor/stepping motor with a step of 1.8°, if the number of micro step driver subdivisions is set to 4, then the resolution of the motor operation is 0.45° per pulse, and the accuracy of the motor can reach or Close to 0.45° also depends on other factors such as micro step drive's subdivision current control accuracy. The precision of drivers from different manufacturers may vary greatly.

Two.When the motor is running at a low speed, and as the frequency is increased, the stepper motor/stepping motor stall occurs.

This happens because of the fact that the power supply voltage of the driver is not high enough; increase the input voltage to solve this problem. Note that it cannot be higher than the highest voltage marked on the driver power supply; otherwise the hard driver will be burned. .

Three.After the driver is powered on, the motor is shaking and cannot move

First of all, you must check whether the stepping motor/stepper motor wiring is correct. If it is not normal and the output has no force, it means that the driver may be broken. Replace the driver and try again.

Four.Motor is high noise

1: replace the motor or drive

2: Increase the micro step to make the motor run more smoothly

3: may be caused by Motor parameters unreasonable

4: filter function of stepper drive /stepping drive is not good, resulting in large electromagnetic sound

Five.What is the difference between linear motor, gearbox motor, encoder stepper motor(stepping servo motor/closed loop stepper motor)?

1.       Linear motor: It is based on reasoning to complete the displacement of the work has greater precision than the ordinary stepper motor, the greater the difference in friction is smaller

2.        Gearbox stepper motor: mainly to increase the output torque of the stepper motor, but the accuracy depends on the accuracy of the gear box

3.       Encoder stepper motor(stepping servo motor/closed loop stepper motor): mainly used for feedback on the signal, such as: speed, accuracy and other aspects of feedback.

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