What A ModBus Step Servo Driver Can Do For

- Aug 15, 2020-

What a ModBus step servo driver can do for

Simple a word to say,a ModBus easy servo driver is a step servo driver which supports ModBus communication that can get feedback from the step servo motor.It has features as below:

  1. Voltage DC15V-50V,peak current 8A,use with nema17,nema23,nema24 and nema34 easy servo motor

  2. Communication Frequency can be 1MHz

  3.Parameters Auto Tuning

  4.STILL Current half 


  5. Variable current control

With these outstanding features,we can use the motor controller in many fields,like AGV,CNC machines,speed-passing door,and if you have the resiparation or mask machine project,can try this RS485 stepper driver or easy servo driver.

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